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Hi, my name's Nick. Nick Passion. And I'd like to give u so much pleasure...

I'm just a curious 20 yrs old boy, who likes to explore new areas and to make new experiences. I'm just as much into dicks as I am into clits... Wether a person is sexy or not is definetely not decided by its gender!

This might sound quite open-minded and liberal to you. Still no one knows I'm into guys aswell, since society is definetely not that open-minded and liberal yet...

But let's keep that aside and just have some fun together ;)

So no matter what u wanna know or see of me, just message me.


ADD ME ON SKYPE: xxxnickpassionxxx





Send me pics and you’ll get pics back! Dick, pussy, feet, socks, legs, tits, nipples, holes…


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Hardcore Eric video. Love it rough

It’s this level of service I aspire to give every cock I meet.

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